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Your transition matters, TOO!

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You may be interested in coaching but you're not sure what to expect. You may be figuring out how to navigate your loved one’s transition in the early, middle, or later stages. You may be worried sick about their safety, their wellbeing, their mental health. You may be struggling with their new name and pronouns or there is now a wedge between you and their other guardian or parent. You may be struggling to find a balance supporting your other children that aren't transgender. You may be dealing with grief, anger, shame, struggling with acceptance and understanding or logistics in general.  Whatever you're struggling with I can help you gain access to the root of the struggle. We will create a supportive foundation to build from. Sign up for your free session now, I promise you’ll get value out of it, even if you choose not to work with me further. You’ve got nothing to lose. Just 45 minutes of support to gain.


Do you have an acute issue you'd like help with ASAP but you're not sure you're ready to sign up for a coaching package? Or you've already finished a package and you'd like a tune-up? This is the place.

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Do you feel like you are doing everything you can to support your transgender loved one, to accept them as their true selves, and you're trying to manage the rest of life also? Are you overwhelmed? Riddled with worry about their wellbeing? Are you struggling with grief, guilt, shame, or simply just wishing you could find a balance? You will gain access to why you're having your current experience.  You will gain more clarity, feel more empowered and you will experience more peace of mind. You will learn the basics of self-coaching to carry this work into every area of your life you'd like to transform. You can't support others in the way you'd like if you don't know how to powerfully support yourself. YOU come first. Your transition matters too.

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