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Reid is the founder of Transition Together Coaching and the President of Amplify Facilitator Training Project, a cost-free professional online training platform for volunteer facilitators of LGBTQIA+ support groups. As a leader in the field of coaching for transgender individuals and their loved ones, Reid Allen coaches clients to live their most unapologetic lives. 

When Reid began his transition journey in 2016 he did not have the tools to powerfully navigate his transition or hold space for his loved one's experience of their own transition. He felt alone, especially in the beginning, moving 6.5 hours away from home to access the trans community, be closer to family and friends, and find a competent physician.

By applying the powerful coaching tools he now teaches in the United States and abroad, he learned to navigate life and transition with more space for himself and his loved ones. He has cultivated greater peace and love with his parents, curated greater self-expression and acceptance in relationships, founded a nonprofit, has a lovely group of friends, and for the first time in his life feels deserving of abundance. 

Client’s appreciate Reid’s knowledge, passion, gentleness, applicable approach, and commitment to the trans community and their loved ones. 

Reid is a seeker with a zest for personal growth. Outside of work, Reid is an avid snowboarder, nature enthusiast, crafter, natural builder, and permaculture nerd. He enjoys road trips, wilderness camping, and paddle boarding every chance he gets. 

Follow the Transition Together Podcast to connect with Reid and learn powerful tools to support your transition. You don’t have to do it alone, Transition Together!

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